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Schlepping Diaries: What's in my Carry On

It is strangely important to me to have a well-edited carry on. It's way up there next to not forgetting my passport. I think it's my way of coping with the stress of flying. Whenever I have a trip coming up, I would start planning weeks in advance - visiting travel forums, checking out blogs, trawling Muji for newfangled travel-related stuff. In contrast, I wouldn't even know who would pick me up at the airport until the day before my flight.

I do feel that after years of overzealous packing I have finally hit the Goldilocks of carry on bags - not overpacked, not underpacked, just right - when I made a quick trip home over the weekend. Everything I brought, I needed, and I did not forget anything that would've been useful. Well, except hair ties. Stupid me forgot her hair ties.

First, food.


Monday Night Shopping

Singapore may be the ultimate shopping mecca, but in time you get tired of the mob of crazy shoppers that congregate in Orchard every weekend. Eventually I figured out that the best time for me to shop would be after work on Mondays - there are way less people, staff are less harassed and are therefore (somewhat) nicer, and did I mention there are less people? I can actually walk from one store to the next without getting elbowed! Insane, right? Plus, I get to save my weekends for more important stuff like laundry, household chores, and the pinnacle of all activities, doing nothing. I binge-watched Castle the entire day yesterday, and I also managed to iron my clothes, do some hoovering, and mop the floors with lavender-scented cleaner. Mmmm Sunday.

I've actually been on makeup rehab for a couple of months now, and have been pretty good about it too. I'm pretty adept at talking myself out of buying stuff now. *beams*

So this is a bit of a relapse, I guess, but I prefer to think of it as a reward. Or as a preventive measure so I don't go batshit crazy.


Kitchen Misadventures: Sinigang Variations

I've been under the weather the last couple of days, partly from exhaustion from touring my mother (and a couple of her friends) all over Singapore last week, but more so from this nasty bout of sniffles - I've been sneezing and wheezing and my voice sounds like a polyphonic ringtone. Ugh.

Naturally I've been craving piping hot, soup-y comfort food, but at the same time I wanted something other than my usual repertoire that is protein + veggies + sinigang mix.

The first one is inspired by the soup that came with the steamed fish from the Thai hawker stall next door, but I decided to use shrimp instead, so it ended up like a shrimp sinigang of sorts.


Binge Watching Diaries

So this was me the last couple of days weeks months.

Which explains why this blog is practically dead. Sort of. Sorry, loyal readers (and by "loyal readers" I mean you Maymay).

It all started with The Good Wife.