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The Panko Pasta Topping Experiment

Panko is the secret to Japanese deep-fried deliciousness, but I particularly love it layered on top of baked casseroles (mac and cheese + panko = worth the migraine). Unfortunately we don't have an oven, but I figured I might be able to create a similar effect by making a toasted panko topping of sorts to sprinkle on top of pasta.

Bacon, butter, panko. What could possibly go wrong? :p

Rothy's | First Impressions

I stumbled across Rothy's as I was scrolling through reddit looking for shoe recommendations. I've been on the hunt for a comfortable pair that I could alternate with my Ferragamo Varinas because I've been wearing them out so much my cobbler has started giving me the side eye.

It didn't take long for me to place an order because these shoes were pretty intriguing - they're made of recycled plastic bottles, are machine washable, and promise sneaker-like comfort. And they don't look half-bad either. It's almost too good to be true, but I've yet to see a bad review, so I took the plunge.

They don't ship internationally yet, so I had to use a mail forwarder (I use ComGateway, and lucked out on a promotion and only had to pay six dollars for express shipping!), but thankfully there are many referral links floating around in the interwebs (I have one too - link!) so I was able to get 20USD off my first order. They only offer two models - the flat and the point - albeit in a plethora of colors. I knew I wanted a black pair but I have this issue with round toe black flats (95% of them look weird on me for some reason - and this is not just me, I've asked people and they agree) so I settled on the point.

Fenty Beauty | Anti-Haul

Today was a harsh reminder that no matter how successful I've been in not getting carried away by beauty guru-generated hype and avoiding impulse purchases, I am not completely impervious to the dreaded FOMO.

If you asked me two days ago I wouldn't even have the slightest clue what Fenty Beauty was, but today it's suddenly the most important thing in the world. I guess the worldwide launch is a big factor - Singapore is usually a couple of weeks behind as far as product availability, and by then the make-up forums have had time to tear it apart if it's crap, giving me enough time and information to evaluate a prospective purchase. But this time we're getting it on the same day as the US (a few hours ahead, even), so there's this element of excitement, I guess. Oh, and it's Rihanna's very own makeup line, so it's bound to be a big deal. Remember the whole hype surrounding Riri Woo?