The All-in-one Dental Check-up

This was how my last visit to the dentist went:

e: My new wisdom tooth scrapes the insides of my cheeks.
D: Does it hurt?
e: Not too much...
D: It's fine.
e: hhh...hhh...
D: Would you want to have your teeth cleaned?
e: hhhohhaae

D: You need to have fillings. Would you want to have that done?
e: hhmnhmn...
D: Or should I only do those covered by your insurance?
e: hhhhhhhhh

It's quite hard to say no when your mouth is gaping open with this tube inserted underneath your tongue. To her credit, the dentist was nice and pretty and she hums happily while poking at my mouth with steel instruments. She also did a consultation, prophylaxis, and three fillings in one 30-minute session. Way to earn a living. 

Anyway, as luck would have it, last Monday I chipped one of the fillings off while eating a chocolate bar, of all things. So now I have to go back to the humming dentist. These things should come with a warranty, don't you think? 


  1. it chipped off with a chocolate bar? mukhang minadali ng dentist mo ang filling. dapat lang palitan nya. ako nga ng gumunguya ng ice, intact pa rin ang 3yr old fillings.

  2. hehe inayos naman niya. ^^ consultation lang ang chinarge niya para covered pa din ng insurance. heavy-duty ang fillings mo ah!