The Coke Wars

Taste test: which Coke variant performs the best?

The judges: moi, and two other Coke drinkers from The Office (boyfriend was disqualified because his opinions differ from ours),

The results: Coke classic - the classic (supposedly) top-secret Coke recipe. Coke light - light on the taste. It's like watered-down Coke. Or soda-watered down Coke. Coke zero - zero taste, zero carbonation (is there such a word?). It's what you get when you add some sugar to Coke light and then leave the bottle open for half a day.

The sweeteners: Coke classic - good old sugar. Coke light and Coke zero - combination of aspartame and acesulfame pottasium. Aspartame is rumored to be carcinogenic and is linked to the formation of brain tumors. It can also stimulate the appetite and trigger craving for carbs, so it may actually bring in the pounds instead of keeping them away.

The verdict: I heart my full-fat Coke. Preferably in an ice bag with a plastic straw a la sari-sari store.


  1. coke light is blech! never will i let it touch my tastebuds again. hehe. haven't tasted coke zero, and thanks to your review, i need not even be curious. =)

  2. Coke Light ako. Dunno why, mas gusto ko yung lasa ng artificial sugars i guess. Don't hate me for loving "light" Haha.