The Office

I work for a top-secret, bad-ass company. That is why we are not allowed to bring cameras or any image-capturing device (like frog or human retinas) inside the company premises. Likewise, we are not allowed food deliveries nor are we allowed to discuss our work with anyone. We are also tucked away in some remote corner of the universe, and if you stand outside the building you will not find the company name because, well, it's not displayed for others to see, because we do not want the world to know where we are situated. In fact, to enter the company premises, we have to flick our magic identification cards and whisper the secret incantation and suddenly, the building splits into two and a magic door emerges in the middle and we are given exactly two minutes to enter, but not before we leave our cameras and storage devices (including paper, that primitive information storage device) with the security guard secret-keeper, who has never been inside the premises (only once, during his interview ordination). And what goes on inside I can never ever tell anyone, and in the event that I slip, I would have to perform a clean sweep of the other person's memory so he doesn't remember.

It's not as far-fetched as you think.

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