How (Not) to Assemble Things

This moving thing is creating quite a big dent in my wallet. Apparently my tiny tiny room with the new bed has some space left for a tiny tiny cabinet to contain my junk. The original plan was to buy a plastic set of drawers, but I saw this wooden closet for kids and it was so neat so I decided to get that instead. The problem was I had to assemble it myself. So I had to drag the boyfriend to my tiny tiny room to help me assemble the tiny tiny cabinet. It took us quite some time to finish because the first time we interchanged the top and bottom part so we had to redo the entire thing. What can I say, we weren't made for manual labor. For the record, the darned thing didn't come with instructions, and we were quite successful in the end. The boyfriend insisted I take a picture with him inside because he helped pick it out and schlepp it to the house and assemble it (twice).


  1. Who's the guy inside the cabinet?
    He's quite cute.

  2. Some random stranger. He's alright. ^^