Freaky Friday


So Good Friday was supposed to be a day or rest and meditation.
And then I woke up with an ant in my eye. A real live, crawling ant in my left eye. Okay, so it might have been dead but that doesn't make it any less real.

So of course I freaked out and tried to remove the damned creature - flushed my eyes with water, tried to remove it the way you would remove a wandering contact lens, and in the final throes of desperation tried prying it out with moist cotton buds. But the godforsaken creature won't budge - it must have bit into the eye because one part (of the three ant-parts - I have little no recollection of ant anatomy lessons in high school) is stuck while the rest of the ant body moves. So my mom tells me I should stop trying to pry it out because my eye was really really red and irritated (and she also hinted that it happened because I woke up so late).

So there was nothing left to do but take a picture. If you are squeamish, this is the point where you close the browser window. Although in all probability you have already seen the picture. I apologize for the hazy picture but much as I would have wanted to use a megapixel camera I was afraid the flash might go off and blind me, so I had to make do with a cellphone camera.

My poor poor left eye (lopez). First the subconjunctival hemorrhage, and then this. For the record, I would have gone to a doctor right away, but it's Good Friday and my mom (and my brother, who is a nurse) tells me that only idiot doctors are left in the nearby hospitals during holidays, and it is in my best interest to wait until the better doctors return. Phone conversation with my brother:

me: nandito pa din yung langgam
b: hah? sandali lang, tanong ko kung sino doktor dito...
b: (talking to someone else) sino? si dr. ******?
b: (to me) naku, wag ka na dito...
me: eh bakit?
b: basta wag ka na dito, maniwala ka sakin.

Anyway, in case you're curious, the invading ant is gone now. First the two ant-body parts which came off this morning after I flooded my eyes with Visine. The third part - the head, I assume - remained stuck until this afternoon. So now the left eye is fine, just a tad bit irritated (more from prying the ant away than the ant itself).

Damned thing almost got a free trip to Japan. With no visa, at that.

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