The Heat is On

The air-conditioning in The Office has been going haywire for two days now. By haywire I mean not functioning. And so are we.

A couple of months ago I kept complaining that I am unable to work function when it is freezing cold. I swear even the Japanese visitors complain about how cold our office is. I tell them it's because we have a one-bit switch - there's only ON and OFF, and nothing else.

Well now the darned thing is off, and it's taking them quite a long time to fix it. And so the office is godawfully warm. It's not comfy warm, it's annoying warm, like the way you feel when there's a power outage. So the mail server keeps going down, there are problems with simulating jobs, there are newly-deployed dysfunctional project report templates to deal with, and my music CD that I have been waiting for the MIS to process two months ago is still with the MIS. And on top of that, it's 30 degrees Celsius. It's a heart attack waiting to happen. And I can't even code because I have to fan myself and it's pretty darned hard to type with only one hand.

I actually miss the cold office where you can probably breed penguins with not much difficulty.

Anyway, there's this study about productivity versus the office temperature. Apparently, at 18 degrees Celsius, workers worked 54% of the time with an error rate of 25%. At 24 degrees Celsius, they worked 100% of the time (yeah right) with an error rate of 10%. Which led them to the conclusion that warm offices are more conducive to work. But what they forgot to mention is that at 30 degrees Celsius, employees would fan themselves 50% of the time, complain to their immediate superiors 25% of the time, and spend whatever time is left trying to craft a USB-powered electric fan out of whatever supplies are available.


  1. uy! may USB fan ako sa bahay namin sa cavite! hehe. wala lang. =)

  2. meron na din kami sa office ^^
    kaso isa lang for the entire group.