The Mac Bag(s)

The first Macbook bag was this kid's trolley. The first time I saw it in Azalea in Kawasaki I thought it was cute and terribly cheap, considering it's from Sanrio. But I couldn't think of any use for it, and I certainly don't have extra space in my luggage. And then the inevitable happened - the Mac won't fit into my handcarry. So the very next day (which was a Monday) I left work early (!) and hurried to Kawasaki and practically ran to the store - there were only two left and I was afraid they would be out by the time I got there. And so after a lot of broken English and frantic hand gestures I bought the very first Macbook bag.

So on the trip back to the Philippines I had to lug around two trolleys (one huge and one tiny) with two huge shoulder bags (one huge and one normal-sized). And switching trains with four pieces of luggage is not much fun. And the young Japanese girls kept looking at it. ^^

Needless to say, I wouldn't want to travel like that ever again. And since the trolley is being held hostage by my mom, I have been scouring the malls for the perfect Macbook bag for months. And I finally, finally found it!!!

It's from the Samsonite "Sensu" collection (in Bubblegum). I have seen this a couple of times before (but in green) but I wasn't sure the Macbook would fit. So I took measurements and the very accomodating people in Travel Club measured the inside dimensions for me and it was perfect! It's not a laptop bag, though. But I have a sleeve for the Macbook so it's okay. And it's pink (although beside the rest of the pink things it kinda looks red). Of course I'm broke now, but at least the Mac is happy. Now if only I had the matching luggage...

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