Pink Noise for World Peace

It won't cure cancer, but it can prevent you from strangling the loud, obnoxious moron occupying the table next to yours, or from strangling yourself while aboard a jeepney playing yet another dance remix of "My Heart Will Go On." In 2008.

Pink noise is a signal with a flat-line logarithmic frequency response, and it can be used to mask background noise. The idea is, blasting pink noise through your earphones drowns out the noise from your surroundings, so you can listen to your favorite 80's hits in peace while the rest of the world has to suffer through yet another record from movie stars turned wannabe singers.

Finally, you no longer have to hear your co-worker's dialogues with himself. Or his imaginary friend. See? World peace. Or at the very least, a dance remix-free day. Interested? Download here.


  1. Is there a version for Windows?

  2. There probably is, but not from the same developer.