Shoe Shopping 101

I love love love VNC.
And ribbons on my shoes.

I saw this lovely pair last week, and I returned last Saturday to bring them home with me. So I went straight to the store, tried them on, and proceeded to go to the nearest ATM machine because I was low on cash. And then, without warning, this girl suddenly grabbed the shoe and tried it on!!! I swear I went so pale and I held my breath during the eternity it took for her to try it on and place it back. The moment it touched the shelf I seized it, marched to the counter and paid for it. Never mind that I was holding only half of the pair, I am buying these shoes, dammit. I probably looked just the slightest bit deranged. But I have my pretty shoes so I don't really care. ^^

Shoe shopping is not for the faint of heart.