Today is officially the first day of one of my group mates' resignation. We had a despedida dinner last Friday, but somehow it never really did sink that we would never gather around his table again when we are bored and looking for someone to annoy.

The first time we met him he introduced himself using our boss's name. And when our actual manager arrived from a business trip Japan we were so confused. A couple of times he stopped speaking to us because we hid his chocolates, although one time they were at the back of his pedestal the whole time (not our fault). During one of our dinner parties he brought wine for everybody, but nobody liked it, and he ended up drinking everything and getting wasted all by himself. Ask him what a hard drive sounds like after it has been eaten away by ants and he would gladly demonstrate for you.

I hate him for leaving, but only because I know it will never be as happy in the office. Bonne chance, JB. We will see each other soon. I hope your hair is straighter then.

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