The Week that Was

God, work is tiring. Even if I have practically have nothing to do in the office. Regardless of how gorgeous the company's mothership is, just staying there is stressful. So for the past few days I am in my all-too-familiar narcoleptic state where I zonk out the minute I touch the bed. And the weather is sooooo... weird. It's cold but it's sunny. And the wind must be 100kph. I swear it's so strong it could have carried me off had I been my ideal weight of 102 pounds. Just going to the other building for lunch is tiring because of the gales we have to brave through.

Now I haven't posted anything for a week now, so I'm doing a recap.

Friday, 28 March 2008

Apparently, Fridays are Happy Fridays too. I think there is an effort from the government to reduce the amount of time people spend at work. Anyway, we headed to Yodobashi in Kawasaki, where I finally, finally bought a Powershot G9. It is important to note that at this point, I was already broke. Dinner was in Pepper Lunch in Azalea. This is Pepper Lunch meal number two. And we were given free drink coupons for next time. ^^

Saturday, 29 March 2008

Hanami! We went to Sendagaya park in Shinjuku for cherry-blossom viewing. Pictures here. While waiting for the train we were approached by a policeman who promptly apologized and left upon showing him our passports. It's annoying to always be looked at with suspicion, like I'm some sort of felon.

After lunch we proceeded to Ueno, Japan's sort of Divisoria (but not quite), and it was bursting with people that I seriously contemplated moving to another planet, just so I wouldn't see any more people. And then we walked, yes, walked to Akihabara, which was a station away. At this point I zoned out, I think. I don't even remember what we did; I was dead tired.

Sunday, 30 March 2008

We went to Kuji where some of our officemates (who were assigned to work here for a year) cooked lunch for us. Good thing because I'm broke, broke, broke. Afterwards we went to Kawasaki where I promptly lost all my remaining EQ upon seeing the Uniqlo hoodies on sale. I had no choice but to buy three hoodies, and I had to stop myself from getting one of each color, which is probably what I would have done if I didn't buy the G9. Hay, Uniqlo is so bad for my EQ. And finances. Every single time.

We also went to Lazona, this mall where I cannot afford anything. I managed to take a picture of a couple of shops I found interesting (at least the signs were).

Dinner was... Pepper Lunch (this is number three)!

Happy Wednesday, 02 April 2008

Today we went to Kawasaki for some last-minute shopping. I bought a few more socks, further compounding my financial problems. But they're soooo cute!!! One had the three little pigs and the big bad wolf, and the other had Snow White and two dwarfs, which is acceptable because you can't fit the seven dwarfs unless you have freak feet.

And then I saw the Tokidoki for Hello Kitty collection, which was surprisingly affordable, but not for me because I only have enough money for my meals and train fare. I consoled myself with a couple of trinkets from the 100yen shop, including Hello Kitty band-aids. I'm not really so fond of Hello Kitty, but they were pretty cheap for pink band-aids, don't you think? Now... to find a wound I could bandage...

At least I still had enough coins for Pepper Lunch number four.

Probably the last Pepper Lunch for this trip, but hey, it's opening in the Philippines so I shouldn't miss it so.

The perfect roses in our Shimo office, though, I shall miss. If only I could take them home with me.

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