Hello Moto

I have had my Globe line since high school, which is a billion years ago in mobile phone years. And I'm still using the original SIM card, the one that can store only twenty text messages and one hundred contacts. I've always felt like switching to Smart, because for the past few years the signal strength inside our house is getting weaker, and for the past few months the service has been really annoying, like there are times when I can't text or call due to some network glitch. Anyway, I never did switch because, well, I've gotten quite attached to my number.

But the point of this long, long ramble is, for the first time in years I'm thankful I didn't switch. I got this text from Globe about rewards for staying connected, and I was instructed to call this number and I did, but I got this pre-recorded message about something like internet data rates or something so I dropped the call. Apparently I was supposed to wait for the advertisement thing to end hehehe. So I called again a while ago, and they offered rebates on my bill for one whole year amounting to around 1200 every month. Which is the total amount of my sister's and my monthly plan. Thank you thank you Globe. ^^

So since I won't be paying my phone bills anymore I can go buy a new mobile phone! Now, the problem with owning a MotoRazr is that you get so used to the keypad that all other keypads feel wrong. And I love that my phone's dictionary "learns" as you text - it can now auto-complete "ngak" and "ngek" and "nyak," among others. But The Office does not allow camera phones, so I have to leave it with the guard every single day. And having no mobile phone during office hours is like having no mobile phone at all.

Now, 3G mobile phones with no camera are one in a million. And they tend to be on the fugly side. So imagine my delight when I saw this:

It's the Nokia E51, and it's available with a no-camera option. I'm not sure if the no-camera version is available here, though. I asked around in Nokia shops in malls and well, they didn't even know there's a no-camera version. How in God's name am I going to get my hands on this phone? A frawn cocktail for anyone who can tell me how. What's a frawn? It's a large scowling shrimp. Thanks to Maymay for the link. ^^


  1. i got the P1200 off deal too before, and I swear, my bill didn't go down at all.

  2. i don't know. sometimes those bills are so unreadable, i don't know what i'm paying for. but there, i didn't feel that i was paying less in the period when i supposedly had the P1200 off. But maybe that's just me and I don't know how to count. ;-p