Macbook Detox

Something happened this weekend that I can't quite put my finger into, the end result being my Macbook becoming painfully slow. I know, I know, I should just stop hacking cracking attempting to play downloaded games for free. My hunch is, I accidentally moved a system registry file which I am not supposed to touch.

Luckily, computers, unlike people, can be re-formatted when things go awry. So after some back-up hell (apparently NTFS filesystems are read-only for Macs, and Windows does not allow large partition to be formatted using FAT32), and a little over two hours of installation (I have Tiger installation discs and a Leopard update disk so it took longer), Nish is detoxified and squeaky clean. Of course now I have a bazillion gigabytes of software updates to download.

Wouldn't it be great if we can just reformat ourselves? We would still be the same person - computer specs don't change when we reformat, after all - but we get a fresh start again, and this time we know better. Like this time I will really try to stop fiddling with Nish's filesystem in search of system registries for downloaded games (and I don't need to because I already know how to crack them! hah!), and I won't install applications I won't really use, and I'll get my stuff organized and shiz.

Anyway, the truth is right now I am seriously seriously uninspired to work - I have lost all the willpower to excel, and to do more than what is expected of me, which, I would like to believe, is how I was before. There was always the "Well, I've done it, but I think it would be better if I did this too." Now it's just "I would like to get this done and over with." It's hard working with really low morale - whereas two years ago I get an adrenaline rush out of work; now it just drains all the energy from me. I wonder where I can get an installation disc for myself.


  1. "(apparently NTFS filesystems are read-only for Macs, and Windows does not allow large partition to be formatted using FAT32)"

    -download paragon ntfs, which will allow you to write on ntfs volumes.problema lang, mas mabagal.

    -you can format your external hard drive in mac then reformat the entire thing in FAT32 using Disk Utility, kahit ano pa size ng HDD mo. The only reason Windows XP prevents people from formatting their large disks in FAT32, gusto nila mapilitan mag NTFS yung windows users. hehe. ang pangit lang, di ka makakopya ng file na 4gb size.

  2. ang problema lang, kay rodmaykel yung hard drive. ehehehe wala pa kasi ako budget for a time capsule x.x