When I was in first grade I did this declamation piece about Mt. Pinatubo. Up until now I cannot, for the love of God, understand what possessed my teachers that made them think that a poem about the eruption of a long dormant volcano would be worth listening to. If I remember correctly it addressed Mt. Pinatubo in the second person, like why did you erupt and shiz. God, just remembering it all is traumatic.

Anyway, so my friend Maymay is home from Malaysia (truly Asia) and decided to invite us all to a trek up Mt. Pinatubo. Now this is the same friend who literally crawled her way on the monkey trail trek to the underground river in Palawan, so it's quite a bit shocking. At any rate, I figured that since the volcano just recently erupted (in volcano years, I guess 20 years is a very short time), the chances of it repeating the destruction anytime soon is slim. So up we went. Well, at least Chelo and I did. The rest of the girls were unavailable. Hmmp.

The trek was relatively easy, and a hundred times better than the Taal trek - it's not dusty, the forest is lush, the weather was cool, and best of all, there were no horses and people trying to coax you into renting one. The path is a bit rocky bouldery though. And the crater is huge, and you can actually go down and swim. That is, if you're comfortable with the fact that the crater lake is 5000 feet deep.

Oh, and in case I forgot to mention, we were the only five people who dared climb the volcano that day. And with good reason. On the way down, the sky started acting up.

Halfway down, it started drizzling, and minutes later we were right smack in the middle of a torrential downpour. Thank God for Ziplock bags, it saved Miz G (the Canon Powershot G9) from early retirement. You can view the pictures here, here, and here.

So anyway, I survived the 6-hour trek, but now my legs ache so much I'm practically disabled. I've taken to using the wheelchair ramps because going up and down the stairs is just hell. I was so not made for strenuous physical activity, and yet the two summer outings I decided to join both involved scaling volcanoes.

Next summer, it's beaches (with pretty bathrooms - the comfort room near the Pinatubo crater is the worst I've seen ever) or nothing.


  1. haha in fairness to Maymay, jungle trail yung trek natin nun sa Underground river. yung monkey trail ay under repair nun. haha

  2. You have taken a good decision for using Wheelchair ramps. I think it saved a large amount of your energy.