Breaking Out

When I got back from my two-day leave I had so much paperwork waiting for me in the office. Now I'm an engineer. Paperwork stresses me out more than anything. Give me nosebleed-inducing codes anyday. Anyway, so now I am breaking out like crazy. I figure it's time to do some damage control because it is seriously getting out of hand.

Now I am not much of a beauty junkie. I have been using good old Clean and Clear since high school - whenever I switch brands, I break out so I switch back and everything is fine - and I started moisturizing only when I was in college. But all of a sudden my face decides it has had enough of the departments store brands. It has been fine and relatively breakout-free for a million years and now all those pent-up zits are surfacing. Hay, the horror.

So I spent the entire afternoon surfing the net for beauty products which is quite futile because regardless of the number of reviews you browse through, everyone's skin type is different and what works for most may not work for you and vice versa. Like I have a friend who swears by The Body Shop and I have never found anything from that store that actually agreed with me.

I was able to drag Rod to watch Sex and the City (chick flick, but what can I say, i love it!), and we had an hour or so to kill before the movie started so I grabbed the opportunity to buy a shitload of beauty products (okay, so I only bought facial wash, toner, moisturizer, and lip balm but already that is a shitload for me). I will post if anything (good or bad) happens.

One other thing: the contact lens review. I've been using Biomedics for a month now, and so far so good. It even survived the torrential downpour during the Pinatubo trek. And it doesn't dry out the eyes at all - I haven't been using drops anymore. When I was using Acuvue I am always acutely aware that I was wearing contacts and my eyes would get really really tired. I usually take off my contacts at around 5 pm. I can wear my Biomedics until midnight and my eyes would still be happy. My only issue is that the contacts seem to have a life of their own and sometimes they decide to wander around the eyes, and I have to fish for them inside the crevices of my eyes. It has happened to me several times like when I'm in the middle of talking to my boss and then suddenly I have to run off and search for the missing contact lens. Now the doctor tells me that even if I switch brands it wouldn't help, because all brands use the standard size. But other than that I am perfectly perfectly happy. I am a bit tempted to try 02 optics, but it's a wee bit expensive so it's biomedics for the next six months or so.

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