Freebies Galore

I'm officially a Korean facial care brand convert. They have so many freebies! And their customer service is wonderful.

I don't know why local brands do not realize this but customer service is really important, unless you are CDR-King in which case you can hire the dumbest, slowest, and bitchiest sales attendants and still have skyrocketing sales. I mean seriously, it takes them half an hour to process your purchase of 2 blank CDs. And whatever you inquire for they always tell you it's out of stock even if it's right behind them. And in the Eastwood branch, they would always be on the phone gabbing away, and when you place your order they sigh and act like you owe them a biggest of favors just because they had to put the phone down and attend to you. And there's this one other teeny tiny store in TriNoMa with, I don't know, either really bitchy or untrained personnel. I was buying shorts, see, and I didn't know my size. And sizes vary from store to store. Like if you buy from Kamiseta your size would always be smaller than usual because they have XS and XXS and XXXS - it's marketing, I think. So I ask if they had it in medium or large. So I tried both on and I asked the salesperson if they had it in any other color and she exclaims "Oo nga ma'am Large nga kayo! Ang laki ng baywang niyo!" I didn't know how to react because I didn't know if she was being catty or if she just really really meant it. Anyway, I digress. Back to the freebies.

So yesterday I went to The Face Shop in TriNoMa. The minute I entered the store they gave me a sample of what I assume is facial soap. See? Happy already. I usually hate it when sales assistants follow you around like you're some kind of fiend, but they had so many products it was so overwhelming that I had to ask for help. And I ended up buying these:

That's Quick & Clean facial wash and Pore Minimizer Controlling Cream.
And I got these for free:

Beginning Serum and Maximizing Gel Cream from their Su Hyang Snow line. I have no idea what the hell those are for. But see, they're free. Scary though - they have nano gold particles. Gold as in Au. Nano as in 10-50 nm particles. Does my face really need that? Anyway, I might try when my skin has calmed down (it is on total revolution right now). Oh, and I got two more tiny soap bars.

A while ago I went to SM North to buy storage containers that I can place under the bed because my two closets are bursting. I dropped by Skin Food and the sales attendant was really nice and she seems... smarter? more knowledgeable? than the one in The Face Shop. And she advised me that my pimples under the chin could be from whitening toothpaste. And OMG it very well could be. Because I switched to Colgate Whitening when I got back from Japan and that was when they started appearing and back then I blamed the change in weather! Anyway, I bought the BB cream.

Apparently if you buy something worth thismuch you can get selected items for Php99 (from Php400), but I wasn't a big fan of make-up so I didn't get anything. Although they had this Diet Lip Balm which supposedly helps curb your appetite. Interesting. And my freebies are:

Rice Mask and Lettuce & Cucumber Water Drop Essence. Again, no idea what the hell these are. But the sales assistant was nice enough to explain. And I also got this voucher for a either a free makeover or nail art. I am a big fan of neither so if you want it, you can have it.

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  1. mommy, let me know if the pore refiner works. pero parang mas gusto ko nga itry ung peach sake. ano pala ung bb cream?