Mid-Year Resolutions

The pimple revolution is now over. And so is my budget. But at least I wake up every morning without the fear of a new zit. Thank you, thank you, Aveeno Clear Complexion Bar. Anyway, the MS is scheduled next year, and my parents have recently asked convinced forced me to apply for a housing loan. Yes, I am getting a house. A really really tiny house I won't actually live in. I have no idea what (or whom) it's for, but hey, if it pleases them, then all the better for me (less nagging, see). So no more ultra-low-EQ purchases, EXCEPT when I am in the depths of depression OR if I have a substantial OT pay. In particular:

1. No more impulse beauty product buys - all face gunk must go through the appropriate research process. I never realized skin care and make-up is this complicated. And how much bullshit goes into marketing. Case in point: Smashbox O-glow. Cosmetic companies are the female equivalent of oil companies. Why didn't I take Chem? I remember my fab high school Chemistry teacher, Sir G, was appalled when s/he found out I was not taking Chem in college. How liberating it must be to understand the ingredients list on every single bottle you plan on buying - you're practically bullshit proof. Anyway, when I was panic-buying for beauty things due to the pimple outbreak, I was so stressed out and desperate even the most idiotic SA can sales-talk me into buying anything. Now I have to be a bit smarter. No, no. I have to be waaay smarter.

2. No more buying foundation without testing on my skin. I know, I know, it's stupid. But my previous compact was a perfect match and I selected it with guesswork. But now it's phased out (Chelo! It's phased out! And the new one has shimmer things. Hmmf). So I had to go get something else. Well, actually I got two something else's. And they are both too dark!!! I mean I have heard of people buying too-light foundation, hence the Kabuki-actor effect. But now my neck is lighter than my face and that is just weird. So now I try everything out first. I know testers are gross, but that's what wet wipes are for (among other things).

3. No more asking people to buy things from Japan. I don't really need another Uniqlo jacket (but if it's free then yes, I do need one). And one Astroboy by Ohya shirt is enough. And do I really really have to try Shiseido shampoo Tsubaki? Now, if I were on a business trip, then I could buy all these with my allowance. But since I am here with Third-world country allowance, it's a no go.

4. No more passing by Gateway on my way home. I figured, since I no longer have someone to split the taxi fare with (Rodmaykel this is all your fault), it would be way cheaper to ride a jeepney to Cubao, and then take the train to Katipunan. Not. To get to the train station I have to pass by Gateway. Gateway to bankruptcy. The one time I did this, Mango was on sale, and who could ever resist clothes that are 50% off? Taxi is cheaper, see?

5. No more passing by Watson's on my way home. It's a couple of steps away from the Eastwood taxi bay, and low EQ. Watson's has so much cool junk, like paper soaps and hair treatments and kikay kits. So no more Watson's. Even on lunchbreaks.

6. No more passing by Rustan's on my way home. I always end up buying food and what not. Homemade spaghetti sounds cheaper, but really - beef + Ragu Sundried Tomato and Sweet Basil + San Remo spinach fettucini >> Fazoli's. And don't get me started on Rolled Gold Pretzels.

My New Year's resolution of drinking eight glasses of water a day lasted for about 5 minutes. Let's see how I will fare this time.


  1. i know! i have the new one and nasa bahay na ako when i realized na may shimmer?!

  2. wow housing loan :P