Pimple Revolution

I am stressed and breaking out like crazy. So the OT pay goes straight to them capitalist's pockets. Sure it doesn't clear up the face but at least I have something to smile about. Or more accurately, some thingS to smile about.

Nine pairs already. I know, right. How hard is it to make all the boxes the same size? It's so hard to stack.

Two of those I bought last weekend. On sale at 50% off! (Okay, so the other one wasn't but let's just pretend I got them both at 25% off). I almost ran to the store the minute I got off the taxi, and minutes later, pimples forgotten, I was grinning so wide I must have looked like I swallowed a hanger.

And since I am at the bowels of EQ I dropped by SkinFood at SM North. Again. And bought a shitload of stuff I won't be using until my face clears (using new things might make it worse). The SA asked me what freebies I wanted (how nice is that?) and I picked a couple of products I wanted to try, but they had no sample sachets, so she advised me to buy containers. So I grabbed a set of 3 containers from the department store (I can't find individual containers). I only asked for two samples, but apparently they give you as many samples as the containers you brought. And it's not like they give you a couple of tiny drops - they actually filled the 10-mL containers. Considering that the products cost over a thousand bucks for a 30-mL tube, that's a hell lot of samples. I mean if you are really really thick-faced and all, you could just repeatedly ask for samples and never actually buy the product. But that would not be possible with my EQ level now, would it?

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