If you look carefully on the box of Stresstabs multivitamins, you would notice that nowhere does it say "No approved therapeutic claims." And the description says it relieves stress. Now this is a quite popular brand of supplements, and I am guessing manufactured by the same company that manufactures Centrum. Centrum incidentally has the "No approved therapeutic claims" clause. Because really, how hard could it be to prove that after taking bucketloads of Centrum, you are still not complete?

Anyway, so supposedly the clause was designed to warn the consumer that any claims made by the manufacturer may not have been substantiated by case studies or what not. In other words, it may be completely BS. So when I realized that Stresstabs does not make this claim, I bought a box and if it doesn't work, I can sue. At least in theory, I can sue.

Now I take my vitamins after lunch, because some vitamins need other vitamins (or fats or carbs or things) to be absorbed by the body, so the best time to take it is when you think you have those things they need inside your digestive system. And, well, today I forgot to take the darned supplements. At around 4 pm my eyes got so incredibly heavy and I was out. I mean completely zonked out for around 15 minutes or so. And when I woke up my brain was completely blank - I was so nonfunctional.

So to make the long story short, I guess Stresstabs works after all. Too bad, I wanted to sue.

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