There is always a catch

When I saw the University of Liverpool's MSc in Microelectronics it was love. This is it. This is me next year.

Computer Networks (7.5 credits)
Signal Processing (7.5 credits)
Program Development (15 credits)
Digital Filtering (7.5 credits)
Microprocessor Systems (7.5 credits)
Digital System Design with VHDL (15 credits)
Integrated Circuits - Concepts and Design (15 credits)
Project Outline Investigation (15 credits)
Research Skills (15 credits)

It's going to cost me 11,650 pounds. For tuition fees. Pounds. That translates to roughly a million pesos. Which I would not be able to save for even if I increase my EQ a hundredfold and I start working myself to death. Silver lining: international students get an automatic scholarship amounting to... *drumroll* one thousand pounds! Great! 10,650 pounds, which still translates to roughly a million pesos. And don't get me started on the living expenses.

Now I have been fixating over this school for several weeks now, so of course I'm looking for scholarships, and I came across one from ARM. Now if you're doing system-on-a-chip and application-specific ICs, you would know that ARM is big. My first ever block is confidential, but I can tell you it has something to do with ARM. It's fate, see? The scholarship also comes with a 3-month internship with ARM R&D in Cambridge. God, I would kill for an internship with ARM. It's just so perfect. And applicants should have the following:

A keen and demonstrable interest in computer architecture, computer micro-architecture, compilers, operating systems, C and assembly languages, algorithms and data structures.
A high first class or first class with distinction BE, ME, BTech or MTech degree in a relevant subject (including Computer Science if computer hardware electives have been studied).
Relevant work experience in embedded systems, system on chip or IC design.
MSc candidates are expected to have prior knowledge of digital systems, CMOS transistor circuits and signal processing topics such as Fourier, Laplace and z-transforms and s-plane/z-plane representations.
Good English language skills (minimum IELTS 6.5/TOEFL 230 + ER 4.0 or 70% in English at Standard XII from national or metro state boards).

This is me!!! Me, me, me! I mean, sure I have to brush up on Fourier and Laplace, but the keen and demonstrable interest and the relevant work experience I have.

Now, as with everything else in this cruel world, there is a catch - it's for two students from India. And the application period ended last month. Maybe next year, they can accommodate Filipinos as well? I swear to God I will be the best baddest most wonderful scholar you have ever had. ARM, I love your bus protocols and your processors, please please please give me that scholarship.

You know, early last year I told myself I was going to buy myself a Macbook, and I never really saved up for it, and I ended up getting one, just because the universe loves me like that. Let's see if it works for Postgraduate tuition fees too.

Or maybe I can just do the Casino counting cards thing.