How Low is Low?

Je te present: The University of Michigan Admissions Profile for the CSE Graduate Program:
The students we admit generally meet the following qualifications profile:
A GPA of at least 3.5/4.0 for the undergraduate degree.
A Graduate Record Examination (GRE) General total score of at least 2000 (out of a possible 2400); new test scoring of at least 1300 and 4.5 (analytical). Score must be less than 5 years old
3 Solid letters of recommendation.
TOEFL score of at least 590 (paper test); 243 (computer based test); 97 (New Internet-based test); for CSE that is less than 2 years old. This test is required for students whose native language is not English.
Although we do consider applications with scores below these, applicants with substantially lower GPA and GRE scores are accepted only under unusual circumstances.

How substantial is substantial? Is my meager 3.38 substantially lower than 3.5, or is it just a teeny tad bit lower? Because I likey already...

Hardware Systems
Topics Covered : Computer architecture, high-performance microarchitectures, parallel and multithreaded processors, multiprocessors, distributed computers, fault-tolerant computers, embedded systems, real-time computers, input/output systems, systems-on-chip (SOCs), application-specific circuits (ASICs), computer networks, computer-aided design, low-energy/low-power design, architectures for VLSI, logic synthesis, design and timing verification, testing.

*sigh* It's the Liverpool scholarship all over again. Does this mean I would forever regret bombing my poetry orals?


  1. as a party of interest in the said poetry orals, let me just say to not worry too much about the GPA they're indicating. there's a lot of grade inflation here, so ateneans tend to look bad in that respect, but it can be more than made up for in different ways.

    i haven't forgotten about talking to the professor i know by the way. i should see him on sunday.

  2. Poetry orals? *waves to Sir Gad*

    Is "The Window" a poem? If so, explain why using "Ars Poetica".

    That seems to have been my question. Haha.

  3. See, I don't even remember my question - I blocked it out entirely. To be fair I couldn't possible have done anything to keep me from bombing. ^^
    It's just the first thing that came to mind, is all.
    @sir gad: thank you thank you thank you!