Lazy Sunday Afternoon

1. Surfs the net, stumbles upon "The Mineral Make-up Thread (Part15)."
2. Decides she wants mineral make-up.
3. Discovers that mineral make-up is only available online.
4. Realizes that she needs to load her G-cash account to pay for her loot.
5. Rushes to Gateway to load her G-cash account.
6. Sale at The Optical Shop on designer eyewear - stops self from buying a pair of cK shades.
7. Had eyes checked anyways and buys new contacts (Biomedics55).
Dr : Your prescription grade seems higher. Did you get enough sleep last night?
Me : 12 hours.
Dr : Oh.
8. Sale at Mango (is it ever not on sale?) - can't contain EQ any longer and buys 3 tops.
9. Goes home, pays for the mineral make-up and is very very happy at last.
10. Is now impatiently waiting for the (still unconfirmed) shipment to arrive.
11. Cannot sleep because of the aforementioned 12 hours of sleep the day before.

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