The Secret of the Secret Ingredient Soup

Royce chocolates = bliss in a box. It just makes you happy. Seriously, it does. If you ever have the wonderful fortune of being in Hokkaido or Narita Airport Terminal 74 do yourself a favor and buy yourself a box and spread the love. Apparently it's available in the Philippines, but the markup is just outrageous (it's 670 yen a box, and here it's 675 pesos, peso-to-yen conversion is 0.43, go figure) so the joy diminishes a tad bit, but well, during desperate times I say indulge.

Now there are a lot of varieties and they even have chocolate potato chips but the only ones I can vouch for are the green box and the blue box (pictured above). I won't bother trying to explain what they are because hell, I can't read Japanese, okay. Just try it and, well, if it is less than earth-shattering to you then by all means send them to me and I will gladly rid you of them.

Special thanks to Japo for getting me two boxes. And Rodmaykel, I saved a box for you and this requires enormous self-restraint from moi so I hope you get me those Vinci's. Or Jimmy Choos.

More Royce here.


  1. meron rin niyan sa Singapore. S$14.00 per box.

  2. makahanap na nga rin nito. =D -arlene-

  3. @pael: so roughly 420php? ngek mahal pa din! pero cheaper kaysa yung sa pinas. sa pagkakaalam ko sa japan kasi talaga gawa kaya mas mura dun. ^^

    @arlene: hay, try mo, sasaya ka talaga. hahaha

  4. mommy, on ur next jp trip, get me some royce truffles din.. and that thing that u recommend.. and a shu uemura eyelash curler.. actually i have a longer list.. wehehe..

  5. re: royce
    if i get you this you have to get it right away. or else i will. hahaha. and it melts easily kasi kaya it's difficult to hoard. it comes in an insulated bag with dry ice when you buy it nga eh.
    re: shu
    i'm asking my friend who is going there next next week to buy for me if it's cheaper than the price here. you want? cheaper daw in sing and hk, but made in china. in japan, made in japan. dito din, made in japan.

  6. sayang, ngayon ko lang nabasa to, napadaan pa naman ako sa isang jimmy choo na store. kung sinabi mo lang kaagad...