The Aftermath

Emo post. Be warned.

When I got back home this evening I saw my e51's charger on the floor. Call me sentimental, but it's the hardest thing to get over stolen belongings. It's almost physical pain. It may be a tad bit materialistic, but every single gadget I own, I bought with my own money. I obsessed about them long and hard and visited them on the stores every chance I got before I finally had enough money to make them mine. Sure it maybe just metal-encased electronics to some, but it's my phone and it contained bits of my life I won't ever get back. My simcard is the jurassic issue sim - 100 phonebook entries, 20 test messages, nothing else. The messages I have saved since God-knows-when are still there. And the LCD protector hasn't even been peeled off yet, which is killing me more than anything else. Maybe, just maybe, if I was just a tad bit more careful...

End emo mode. Well that was quick.
On to the good things in life. Say hello to my new baby.

Now tell me what you think: is it a he or a she? I can't decide. For reference purposes: Nish, the Macbook is a metrosexual. You think this one is, too? They don't get along too well.

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