batteries 101

Our lesson for today is how to increase your EQ level. So a while ago, I just ordered a full-sized jar of mineral make-up and a set of pretty pink brushes. Right, let's just discuss batteries instead, shall we?

Let's begin with a short short story. When I got Plum (it's a she!), the Motorazr2 v9, the sales assistant reminded me (twice) to for my initial usage, I should drain the battery, and then charge it for fourteen hours. And I just nodded along like I always do to Pepper lunch people when they explain how I'm supposed to cook my steak in Japanese. And then the moment I left the store I thought to myself (or, more accurately, I nagged Rodmaykel about it), fourteen hours? Is she crazy?

That's the end of the short story. Thanks for listening.

Anyway, people seem to be stuck with the idea that to make batteries last longer, you should always do the complete charge-discharge cycle, meaning you fully drain the battery, and then fully charge. Now this is actually a good idea, if you're battery is NiCad (that's nickel cadmium).

However, we are now in the world of Gossip Girl and Lithium ion batteries. And Lithium ion batteries, unlike their NiCad ancestors, do not need priming. In short, it makes no difference to charge your batteries for 8 hours, 24 hours, or a hundred hours. And more importantly, the new batteries do NOT like it when they are fully drained. And they especially hate being left without charge for a long, long time. In fact if you check your Macbook manual you would find that it is recommended that you charge your battery up to 40% if you intend to store it. So how do you take care of your battery? Keep it at a healthy level of charge, i.e. don't wait for the battery meter to turn red before reaching for that charger.

Of course, it would still be beneficial to fully discharge and fully charge during the first use to calibrate your battery meter. But this should not be done too frequently, or it could destroy the battery. So there, Miss charge-it-for-fourteen hours. If you don't believe me, may I refer you to The Battery University.

Thank you and may all snatchers drop dead this instant.

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  1. Another useful and enlightening entry, Ella! :) Wow, I didn't know this.