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I'm uncluttering, hence the sparse blog template. I will update the linklists and all the shiz when I get back; I'll be home for the weekend.

On work: We have just finished the second no-OT week, and well, admittedly it was not as difficult as I thought it would be. My only complaint (of course I have one; I always do, right BK?) is with the rush hour and all, I get home only a good 15 minutes earlier than I would have if I did OT. And the travel is more stressful because of the traffic, whilst when I leave work really really late going home is a breeze, and the taxi drivers are less assholes because there are few passengers.

On EQ: With the loss of my dear e51, and the arrival of Plum, I have to tighten the EQ reins a bit. So no shoes for a long long time. And no jeans either. Last time I counted I have more than ten and I think that's a bit of an overkill.

On studies: I know I have been planning for my MS/PhD the past few months, but now I'm having second thoughts because I cannot, for the love of God, bring myself to open my Leithold (may God bless his soul) to prepare for my GRE. If I'm not ready for re-acquainting myself with Calculus, then I'm not ready for my postgraduate studies, am I?

On Pink: I thought I was graduating from the school of pink (Miz G is black, Plum is mahogany, Nish is white, the blog is green), but lookie here:

(Would've wanted to take better pictures, but I'm in a hurry to get home)

A set of uber-soft pink brushes. I got them super-cheap online, and Nica (the seller) was nice enough to include mineral e/s samples. You know how much I love freebies, so this is just sheer bliss. Special thanks to the boyfriend for letting me use his work address. I hope none of his students find out he is having makeup brushes delivered to school. ^^

Have a great long weekend, everyone.

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