Feeding the Addiction

So after the fiasco that is PayPerPost, I will resume to copying content from other online sources.

If you're thinking about trying Mineral Make-up, please don't. It's addictive shit. Why? I don't know why. Probably because of the free samples. Or the many many many shades that makes you want to get your exact match. Or the girls from the forum who never stop enabling me.

But if you still want to, here's a jumpstart (Maymay this is for you because I know you will forget whatever I told you). This is just for foundies and blushes because I have not reached the eyeshadow-eyeliner level just yet (nor do I want to). I'm no expert so this is a newbie post.

You want to start with samples because, unless you're blessed, it's very difficult to determine your exact shade based on swatches viewed off the internet. For one, the lighting conditions when they took the pictures of the swatches and the differences in rendering for different displays can really really affect the color. Now, a lot of mineral make-up companies offer free samples, and since they come in baggies they can ship it through regular mail hence decreasing (or waiving) the shipping cost.

While (im)patiently waiting for your samples you would want to get containers, a brush, and a swirling cup. Preferred brushes are flat-top and kabuki brushes. My flat-top brush is the highly-recommended Everyday Minerals flat-top, and my Kabuki brush is from Blusche (it comes in pink!). My swirling cup is a pickle dish, but I actually want to get a petri dish because of the geek chic factor tee hee (maybe I should autoclave while I'm at it?). And then you would want to get baby shampoo, too, for cleaning the brushes. And a spritzer, if you want to do wet application. Oh, and a concealer brush if you want to use it as a concealer too.

Now, where to get the samples. I've tried just a handful, but I think it's best to have few options first, because when I started out there were a bazillion companies listed and, well, nosebleed.

1. Ellana. It's a local company, and word is they will be in Tiendesitas next weekend. Shipping is pretty fast, I got my samples in 2 days, I think. No match, though. But I do use their finishing powder.

2. Everyday Minerals. Home of my flat-top brush. They give away free sampler kits (3 foundations, a blush, and a concealer), and you only have to pay for the shipping (around 4 or 5 USD). I just places an order, which I hope to get very very very soon...

3. Blusche Minerals. This is based in Canada, but the owner, Monica, is Filipina. She's very nice and very hands-on, and the shipping is fast in the Philippines.

4. Pure Anada. They don't have free samples but they waive shipping fees for all-sample orders. So you can have 12 sample baggies for 9 Canadian dollars, free shipping.

I've also tried Lumiere, Lauress, and Monave. But I got them from a local reseller so I wouldn't know how shipping is.

Now once you get the samples, the next order of the day would be to find your exact shade. Which is the most frustrating thing. Unless you get samples that are extremely dark or light, everything else looks... fine. I think the BF has been wanting to strangle me for the longest time because I keep asking him which looks better, and well, for him, everything looks the same.

Anyway, once I sort out this whole thing - the right foundation shade, the brand that works - I will get my full-sized jars, and never ever look back. Or maybe not. After all, mineral make-up companies keep sprouting up like mushrooms (or Ateneo buildings). Would be a shame not to try, right?


  1. magpaka expert ka muna sa mmu tapos consult ako sa u.. meanwhile, i need to cut back on my kikay expenses.. third 35rm rebate ko na ung knna sa body shop.. which means ive spent 900rm on body shop alone in 8mos!

  2. investment naman daw ang skin care. hehehe.
    naku, nahihilo na ako dito sa mmu ok. pag nakita ko na ang shade ko quit na