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Lip Gloss

17 August 2008
Our lesson for today is how to obtain information from people who are not willing to give it to you. Or, how to force people to do what you want them to do. Or, how to cause irreversible damage on your enemy's psyche.

Disclaimer: I will not, in any way, be held accountable should you decide to kill someone (or yourself) while watching this clip.

Presenting the ultimate torture device:

My sister made it halfway before she puked all her guts out. See how long you can take it.

What can I say? OMFG.



  1. ohmygulay! pilitin ba ang gossip girl sa pinoy context?! tsk tsk. hahahaha! =D


  2. yuck kadiriiii! hindi ko rin kinaya!!! ... ok to! pag di ako makatulog panoorin ko lang to, siguradong KO akO! HAHAHHAHA


  3. in fairness, type ko ung maitim.. wehehe.. medyo kamukha / kadating nung rookie sa blue eagles na kinahuhumalingan nila joy ngyn ;p


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