Never say never

Today I looked and felt haggard for some reason. Note that I hate the word haggard but really, that was how it is. So I figured I needed some... skin brightening? So I dropped by The Body Shop on my way home from the office to get some Vitamin C products.

And then, as I was paying for yet another low-EQ purchase the sales assistant asked me if I had another card as my dear swiper was declined. Declined! Now I know I'm overspending, but even with the recent phone purchase I couldn't possibly be over the credit limit. Now I just started using the swiper (bane of my emotional quotient) online and the first thought that came to mind was oh no, I have been hacked. But why me, the one with a newbie credit limit?

Needless to say, when I got home I immediately checked my online account. And well, as it turns out, apparently I bought a 40 thousand peso shirt from Bayo last Monday. Forty thousand pesos! I rummaged through my receipts, and well, on both slips I only charged 895. Hah. So I tried calling the BPI hotline (89100) and couldn't get through to a phone banker so I went to the nearby store to use their landline.

After a billion times of being put on hold I got really really tired and passed the phone to , so he can go listen to the goddarned lady telling you there are no phone bankers available at the moment so please wait until the Philippines has won an Olympic gold medal. After a couple of minutes he got tired of waiting and we decided I'd just go visit the bank tomorrow morning. But I told him to wait one more minute, just in case... and it worked! I got through! There is hope for our country!

So anyway to make the long story short, there's this huge huge glitch where transactions made through BDO terminals (e.g. if you used your BPI swiper in SM) were encoded as dollars, hence the bloated amount. Imagine if this happened when I used the swiper for Plum. Gaaahck. At any rate, if you're using a BPI credit card and shopped in an SM mall you may want to check your credit card billing statement, if you have an online account. They promise to have this fixed by 7 am tomorrow. Or at least the lady on the other side of the phone line promised.

Side note: If you find your internet connection a bit slower than usual, or if some websites take a longer time to load than others, it might be your DNS server. DNS stands for Domain Name System, which is basically just a translation of the web address (e.g. into the corresponding IP address ( Now for some reason, the DNS servers of some service providers (ours is a good example) can be mighty slow. I would suggest you try this out. It's pretty simple and foolproof, and it really makes a difference.

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