I roadtested Plum's camera for the weekend. Not bad at all. I totally forgot how convenient camera phones were. Now I can resume taking pictures of "interesting" signs. ^^

This morning before going back to Manila we dropped by my house. More accurately, the house I'm buying for I have no idea what. I am most certainly not going to live there because it's too far away from everything, so I'm guessing it's for the first lucky son in the family who knocks someone up. Or maybe my mother just wants a house she can decorate without the brats tearing it up in seconds.

It's the non-pink (!) one on the left. See how tiny? And there's a jungle at the back, complete with bamboo trees and what have you.

It reminds me of those houses in Monopoly. Maybe I'll paint it red, so it would look like on of those Monopoly hotels. My mom also bought the adjacent lot, and my very strong hunch is, she will be doing her gardening.

Here are more tiny houses a couple of cartwheels away from the house. Do you think I should name the house too? If I were the developer I would have grouped the houses in threes and color-coded them and then each one would have a name like Baltic and Park Place and Marvin Gardens, just like the gameboard. And then if you buy three of the same color you could build one huge house.

My mom wanted to try a different route to Manila today so we ended up in SCTEX (Subic - Clark - Tarlac Expressway) instead of passing through Bulacan. The route is longer by 30km, but traffic is pretty much nonexistent, or at least for now it is. I only ever saw two vehicles on the entire stretch of the expressway, which took us only an hour and a half to traverse (versus the 3.5 hours it usually takes via Bulacan). And this is the only thing you see:

It's like staring at your Windows XP desktop for an hour. As relaxing as it is, I completely missed the "Rossy Chix" salon which I so wanted to take a picture of. But there's always next time. ^^

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