So I was supposed to be going home for the weekend, and well, so are a billion other people. When I got to the bus station the line went all around the station and extended outside. So I went to the terminal of the other bus company because there are always less people there. I didn't even make it to the station - I saw what appeared to be the end of - you guessed it - a very very long line. So now instead of sleeping on the floor sandwiched between my two piglets brothers I am back here in the ghetto blogging.

On a lighter note, I got more mineral makeup foundie samples today from a reseller, and both are exact matches! And the seller was quite generous - I was surprised to find five baggies in the package (when I only ordered one (the other sample was in a jar)). Have I mentioned how I love freebies?

Match #1: Lauress Minimalist in Soft Yellow

Match #2: Buff'd Concealing Foundation in Chamois

Not bad, eh?

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