F.R.I.E.N.D.S. with a PhD

I luuuuuuurve The Big Bang Theory. I can't believe I totally missed the first season. I mean, just look at that shower curtain! (Would anyone know where I can get one?)

It's so geeky it's almost... touching. Now I know I'm no physicist or rocket scientist nor do I stand a chance in Klingon Boggle but it's something I can relate to and I never did recall getting this much satisfaction from a TV show since F.R.I.E.N.D.S was canned so there. End of discussion.

Would you pass the salt and pepper?

Because I am now eating my words.
Remember when I said Apple doesn't understand phones?
And when I mentioned how scandalously overpriced the iPhone is?

Mom: Globe sent me an iPhone do you want it?

So there. Goodbye, Plum. And goodbye, iPod nano (which is not so pretty in person as it is in the website).

For the record, I still love Plum (the Razr2 v9). The display is great, and I've always found Motorola's interface to be most intuitive, and it has haptic technology in the front display's touch screen. The predictive text input is a bit scary, though. Whereas before, it could auto-complete words from all your stored text messages, now it does phrases! One time, all I typed in was "pn" and immediately it was predicting "pnta ko gateway". Creepy, huh?

At any rate, as much as I love Plum, Nish (who is now English) hates her and they won't sync, whereas an iPhone wouldn't even require any introductions. And, well, it's free, which just makes it a billion times more likeable. And don't let Steve Jobs fool you - the iPhone is not as intuitive as I thought, and I'm not exactly technologically challenged nor am I new to Apple products. Just getting the SIM card into the damn thing is a challenge, primarily because the instruction consisted of one less-than-accurate diagram, which, may I add, is so not worth a thousand words. It took me all of three minutes to find out where to insert the damn prong thing, and I felt so stupid because the iPhone has, what, 3 orifices? And the fingerprints! It's like a goddamned CSI tool - the lightest touch, and your identity is clearly imprinted into your phone.

Anyway, the more important question is: what do I name it? It's a boy, I think.

And There You Have It

The Eagle has landed.
I'll see you at the bonfire.^^

"At least when we taunt, we don't get caught." - Chris Tiu

Finally an explanation

Or more appropriately, a justification. Whatever.

Rumor has it that new Macbooks will be out on October 15. New as in new look new, not specs bump new. It's supposedly aluminum. So hopefully, no more cracks (I still love you Nish).

Now I do not, by any means, crap money. So of course I'm not getting one... yet. I'll wait for the second gen Macbook, because for Apple products it usually is the wise thing to do - The first gen Macbooks had the color-changing palmrests; the first gen iPod nano scratches like crazy. And then we'll see. I do love my Macbook - apart from the scratches, it's a wonderful machine. Even the calculator, I love. Seriously. I am so in love with the calculator. It has a "Programmer" setting, and it shows the values in binary, lumped together in nibbles complete with bit indices. It had me at 0xFF. A pity I am unable to use this at work though. Funny, you would think a Linux installation to come up with this first.

Anyway, enough with the mega-geeky (but wonderful) calculator. Today is migraine day. Apparently, I really can't do without coffee. I'm hoping it goes away with ibuprofen because my flight to Palawan is tomorrow and I haven't packed anything yet.

Sweet Escape

Before you... my life was like a moonless night... And then you shot across my sky like a meteor.

Excuse me while I puke. It was going so well, why do they have to keep inserting pure unadulterated mush like this?

But admittedly, I went through two of those books in less than twenty four hours. And I had work at that. Sure, it's not the most brilliant literary work there is, but this series has been my little escape for the past few days. I've been depressed lately, and I honestly don't know why (and yes, this came before the cracks on Nish, although that just added to the cloud of doom looming overhead). It's most annoying - how do you snap out of a depression when you don't even know the cause? And the more pressing question is - what do I do when I've read all the books in the series? Where do I escape to this time?

Please let me be my happy chirpy self tomorrow.


After being schlepped first class in luggage more expensive than mine only twice in his lifetime, Nish suddenly has these:
He hasn't even left the house in months!!! And I've been taking care of him soooo well. I don't deserve this at all and it's just the most frustrating thing.

At any rate, it's covered by the warranty (supposedly no questions asked because it's a known issue). At least the bottom part is. The top part, I am not certain - it's too small to be considered damaged but, well, soon enough it would be huge enough (BUT not if I can help it). Thank goodness I can still find something to be thankful for. Imagine if this happened when the warranty has expired.

I am still hating on Apple, though. But for what it's worth I can't even stand the thought of going back to Windows so I guess I'll just have to deal with all of this. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to cry now. More news when I've regained my composure. And sanity.


Or oversleeping, to be quite honest. I woke up at 12 this morning. Or afternoon. Hey, it's my lazy Sunday. At any rate, it's 3:33 am, a scary time to be awake, and my eyes are nowhere near heavy.

I've had half the mind to unearth a copy of El Filibusterismo or some similar text that would put me to sleep in an instant. I am so toast at work tomorrow later. Good thing it's a Japanese holiday.

I've already been through the second episode of Gossip Girl twice ("Dan! Come meet the Lord!"), and I've run out of things to read. I recently bought a copy of Breaking Dawn so I'd have something to read while waiting for a cab. Chelo tells me it's teenybopper, and she was right - I so love it. I actually bought the third book in the series - I'm that clueless. I just picked it out because a) it's thick (although the font is huge); b) it's reasonably priced, cheap even, for such a thick book; and c) the cover is nice. I know, I know, your brother is not a book. Spare me the lecture. But in this day and age, there's no excuse for a lousy cover.

Anyway, I did get to read a couple of pages while waiting for a cab. The rest I just consumed in one go. So now I have to get myself the first two books. Oh me, always a teenybopper at heart.

Scalpers FTW

It's every scalper's wet dream: an Ateneo-La Salle championship match.
For the love of all that's blue and white, please don't choke, eagles.


I want this one.

And not this one.

I hate you Steve Jobs.

Resuming Regular Programming

Because this is an eye makeup tutorial away from becoming a beauty blog. Now I'm vain and all, but my forte is design verification of hardware components, and not foiling eyeshadow on my lid.

To start with, let me share my DOST travel clearance request letter:
(May I refer you to the DOST Horror post because no way do I want to recount).

So my request letter reads:
Dear Madam:
Die, bitch.

OK, so it may have been a bit more politically correct than that. At any rate, once I get my clearance, I can proceed to blowing up their office. Which is in Bicutan. Bicutan. Good God Almighty. The only time I ever went there was when I hailed a cab with a deaf driver (I was going to Katipunan).

Anyway, September is here and it has good things in store.

Has it really been three years?


So the weekend came and went and all I was able to accomplish was iron a month's worth of laundry.

Was in TriNoMa yesterday and managed to not buy anything except for a couple of containers for my blush samples. Okay I hoarded. But hey, it costs roughly 34Php for 2 jars at your friendly neighborhood Watson's, but in Landmark it's 9.75Php for the same 2 jars! It's daylight robbery, if you ask me.

Oh, and the Blue Eagles were in Adidas for... I don't know what. Autograph signing, most likely. They are such celebrities, no? I remember when they won the championships and soon after they were doing TV guestings and shiz.

Moving on...
From blush

I has teh Speedlite again! Rodmaykel, canikeepit cannikeepit canikeepit please? Since the blushes are in pots I took pics. No, of course the blue one isn't blush. It's a freebie I got from the pink brushes and I it's a pretty color, don't you think? Wouldn't know when to wear it though (and more importantly: HOW) but on the upcoming Ateneo - La Salle game battle war perhaps?

At any rate, I'm on a no-purchase ban this month (and every succeeding month thereafter). There are some big changes headed my way and God knows I need a budget.