Finally an explanation

Or more appropriately, a justification. Whatever.

Rumor has it that new Macbooks will be out on October 15. New as in new look new, not specs bump new. It's supposedly aluminum. So hopefully, no more cracks (I still love you Nish).

Now I do not, by any means, crap money. So of course I'm not getting one... yet. I'll wait for the second gen Macbook, because for Apple products it usually is the wise thing to do - The first gen Macbooks had the color-changing palmrests; the first gen iPod nano scratches like crazy. And then we'll see. I do love my Macbook - apart from the scratches, it's a wonderful machine. Even the calculator, I love. Seriously. I am so in love with the calculator. It has a "Programmer" setting, and it shows the values in binary, lumped together in nibbles complete with bit indices. It had me at 0xFF. A pity I am unable to use this at work though. Funny, you would think a Linux installation to come up with this first.

Anyway, enough with the mega-geeky (but wonderful) calculator. Today is migraine day. Apparently, I really can't do without coffee. I'm hoping it goes away with ibuprofen because my flight to Palawan is tomorrow and I haven't packed anything yet.

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  1. enjoy palawan!

    dpt ang snorkeling sa club noah ndi n lng sa pampang ok? hehe