Or oversleeping, to be quite honest. I woke up at 12 this morning. Or afternoon. Hey, it's my lazy Sunday. At any rate, it's 3:33 am, a scary time to be awake, and my eyes are nowhere near heavy.

I've had half the mind to unearth a copy of El Filibusterismo or some similar text that would put me to sleep in an instant. I am so toast at work tomorrow later. Good thing it's a Japanese holiday.

I've already been through the second episode of Gossip Girl twice ("Dan! Come meet the Lord!"), and I've run out of things to read. I recently bought a copy of Breaking Dawn so I'd have something to read while waiting for a cab. Chelo tells me it's teenybopper, and she was right - I so love it. I actually bought the third book in the series - I'm that clueless. I just picked it out because a) it's thick (although the font is huge); b) it's reasonably priced, cheap even, for such a thick book; and c) the cover is nice. I know, I know, your brother is not a book. Spare me the lecture. But in this day and age, there's no excuse for a lousy cover.

Anyway, I did get to read a couple of pages while waiting for a cab. The rest I just consumed in one go. So now I have to get myself the first two books. Oh me, always a teenybopper at heart.


  1. an oc thing - once you started reading ut you can't stop. can't find a paperback of new moon :(

  2. i know. i have a paperback of new moon. and twilight. i bought a while ago lang. hehehe. am looking for eclipse naman.

  3. i love that they're "teen" books! hehehe! masayang basahin db? isn't twilight the best?! hahaha! sobrang knikilig ako dun!!! and new moon was sooo painful!

  4. OMG i know!!! minadali ko basahin yung new moon dahil na-depress ako! hehe sana ganda din yung movie nun twilight ^^