Resuming Regular Programming

Because this is an eye makeup tutorial away from becoming a beauty blog. Now I'm vain and all, but my forte is design verification of hardware components, and not foiling eyeshadow on my lid.

To start with, let me share my DOST travel clearance request letter:
(May I refer you to the DOST Horror post because no way do I want to recount).

So my request letter reads:
Dear Madam:
Die, bitch.

OK, so it may have been a bit more politically correct than that. At any rate, once I get my clearance, I can proceed to blowing up their office. Which is in Bicutan. Bicutan. Good God Almighty. The only time I ever went there was when I hailed a cab with a deaf driver (I was going to Katipunan).

Anyway, September is here and it has good things in store.

Has it really been three years?


  1. bicutan, katipunan.. owel.. at least they rhyme.. wehehe..

  2. such a great pic talaga :)

    you've come a long way mommy! we're proud of you! :)

  3. @maymay: testament talaga sa no-sense-of-direction self ko. ang layo ng narating before ako nagtanong sa taxi kung saan kami papunta

    @chelo: hehehe thanks. sama ka na. ^^