So the weekend came and went and all I was able to accomplish was iron a month's worth of laundry.

Was in TriNoMa yesterday and managed to not buy anything except for a couple of containers for my blush samples. Okay I hoarded. But hey, it costs roughly 34Php for 2 jars at your friendly neighborhood Watson's, but in Landmark it's 9.75Php for the same 2 jars! It's daylight robbery, if you ask me.

Oh, and the Blue Eagles were in Adidas for... I don't know what. Autograph signing, most likely. They are such celebrities, no? I remember when they won the championships and soon after they were doing TV guestings and shiz.

Moving on...
From blush

I has teh Speedlite again! Rodmaykel, canikeepit cannikeepit canikeepit please? Since the blushes are in pots I took pics. No, of course the blue one isn't blush. It's a freebie I got from the pink brushes and I it's a pretty color, don't you think? Wouldn't know when to wear it though (and more importantly: HOW) but on the upcoming Ateneo - La Salle game battle war perhaps?

At any rate, I'm on a no-purchase ban this month (and every succeeding month thereafter). There are some big changes headed my way and God knows I need a budget.

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