Sweet Escape

Before you... my life was like a moonless night... And then you shot across my sky like a meteor.

Excuse me while I puke. It was going so well, why do they have to keep inserting pure unadulterated mush like this?

But admittedly, I went through two of those books in less than twenty four hours. And I had work at that. Sure, it's not the most brilliant literary work there is, but this series has been my little escape for the past few days. I've been depressed lately, and I honestly don't know why (and yes, this came before the cracks on Nish, although that just added to the cloud of doom looming overhead). It's most annoying - how do you snap out of a depression when you don't even know the cause? And the more pressing question is - what do I do when I've read all the books in the series? Where do I escape to this time?

Please let me be my happy chirpy self tomorrow.


  1. wah, san ka nakabili ng new moon?
    at kasama talaga ng pisay yearbook? hehe.

  2. onga, ung yearbook din napansin ko ;P

  3. @chelo: fully booked gateway has paperbacks of twilight, new moon, and breaking dawn. no eclipse. and i can't find it anywhere. x.x

    hehe sinama ko talaga yung yearbook dahil masayang tingnan pag depressed. ^^

  4. i'm depressed. wala pakong makitang new moon and eclipse kaya breaking dawn na kagad binabasa ko. lost tuloy ako.

    enjoy palawan! :)

  5. kamusta naman, ako i read breaking dawn first (no idea it was a series hahahaha). so now i'll be re-reading it after having read twilight and new moon so i can fill in the blanks.

    flight ko na later and i still haven't packed. hahah. ^^
    will try to find pearls for you. and kill some jellyfish din. ^^

  6. haha, please do both - the pearls and the jellyfish! :) enjoy!!! :)

  7. hahaha! ano ba yan, roomies talaga tayo! kahit magkahiwalay! saktong binasa ko din twilight and new moon around that time! :) m still reading eclipse, and hope to finish it by tomorrow! meron na paperback sa fully booked gateway! hehe!

    anong gnawa mo sa palawan?

    ndi ko nasusubaybayan blog mo d2! hehe! wala din naman kasi ako tym mag-internet! haha! :D

  8. @chelo: no jellyfish in palawan would you believe? and mygad nawindang kami sa pearls hahaha.

    @pau: i finished all four na, grabe nagpuyat pa daw ako talaga! hahaha. bakasyon lang sa palawan for a couple of days. ^^