Would you pass the salt and pepper?

Because I am now eating my words.
Remember when I said Apple doesn't understand phones?
And when I mentioned how scandalously overpriced the iPhone is?

Mom: Globe sent me an iPhone do you want it?

So there. Goodbye, Plum. And goodbye, iPod nano (which is not so pretty in person as it is in the website).

For the record, I still love Plum (the Razr2 v9). The display is great, and I've always found Motorola's interface to be most intuitive, and it has haptic technology in the front display's touch screen. The predictive text input is a bit scary, though. Whereas before, it could auto-complete words from all your stored text messages, now it does phrases! One time, all I typed in was "pn" and immediately it was predicting "pnta ko gateway". Creepy, huh?

At any rate, as much as I love Plum, Nish (who is now English) hates her and they won't sync, whereas an iPhone wouldn't even require any introductions. And, well, it's free, which just makes it a billion times more likeable. And don't let Steve Jobs fool you - the iPhone is not as intuitive as I thought, and I'm not exactly technologically challenged nor am I new to Apple products. Just getting the SIM card into the damn thing is a challenge, primarily because the instruction consisted of one less-than-accurate diagram, which, may I add, is so not worth a thousand words. It took me all of three minutes to find out where to insert the damn prong thing, and I felt so stupid because the iPhone has, what, 3 orifices? And the fingerprints! It's like a goddamned CSI tool - the lightest touch, and your identity is clearly imprinted into your phone.

Anyway, the more important question is: what do I name it? It's a boy, I think.


  1. ganon kalakas gumamit ng phone si tita? wow. :)

  2. ganun kalakas gumamit ng phone si je - who is still grumbling kasi i got the phone and not him hehehehehe. ^^

  3. omg, you weren't exaggerating when you said malakas siya gumamit. talo pa sales namin? hahaha.

  4. haha! sobrang nakaka-OC nga ung ganyan at laging may fingerprint mo! at pang-sun lang dapat yan kasi nakakatamad magtext! calls lang dapat! :)
    pero dahil libre, winner na din cia! haha!