Yo shorty

Lookie what the BF got me for my birthday:

MAC Brushes!!! Apparently, posts like this one do work (although Rodmaykel insists he was planning to get me them brushes anyway because, well, I talk about them nonstop). Granted, they're not the exact kit I was lemming for but just the thought of the BF visiting the MAC counter and inquiring about brushes he knows nothing about more than makes up for it. ^^

Anyway, Wednesday night I had an impromptu dinner with the girls. Thanks to everyone who attended and to those who didn't make it, I'm sorry I didn't get to see you before I leave but, hey, you can always visit me in Japan.

That night I had on LaurEss ethereal in soft yellow. It's quite camera-friendly don't you think? No whitecast at all.

Today Rodmaykel and I went to TriNoMa for some last minute shopping before I go. We had lunch in Bubba Gump and I was so hungry I failed to take pictures.

So here's the damage:

Pics of what's inside to follow because I'm going home for the weekend (and yes, those are two ALDO bags; I don't understand why, either). Happy Halloween, everyone. And my deepest thanks to everyone who remembered. Because, you know, I was never really good at remembering birthdays, so I don't expect other people to remember mine, either.


So I'm battling this bout of depression that seems to occur more frequently these days. I need happy thoughts.

Wishful Thinking

I'm turning 18(hex) on Friday. Humor me.

1. Aviators

2. Schlepping Bag

3. Work boots

4. 2009 Moleskine Planner

5. MAC Brush Set

And world peace.
And more EQ points.
And clear skin.
And sense of direction.
And no wrinkles until I'm 60. 65. 70. 100.


Bye for now, Japan. We'll see each other soon enough.

Congratulate me, I made it back to the Philippines without getting lost. In fact, I was in the airport so early, I spent four good hours staring into nothingness.

I'll be leaving in a couple of days, though, so I hope I can see people before I leave. I'll be staying in the same apartment with the crawl-in closet and I actually get to keep my key already.

I likey my keychain because I thought it was sweet and I'm shallow like that.

Since I had nothing to bring home but chocolates and stuff I volunteered to schlepp home for the other assignees, which is the least I can do, what with me having to be babysat during my entire trip due to my lack of sense of direction and inability to walk in a straight line - I swerve, and I can't explain why so don't ask.

Anyway, I'm off to work. You'd think they'd let me have the day off after a delayed evening flight the day before, but there is too much to be done. Just the thought of it is stressful. Thank God for Royce.

I love my apartment

And it's free. This is insane.

Oh Lookieeee

I have a walk-in closet!

Well, it's not so much a walk-in closet as a crouch-in closet, and it's godawfully tiny but I lurve it just the same.

Let's rewind a bit, shall we? I am now in Japan, for the nth time (4th, to be exact). But it's a bit different because after this one week trip, I'll be back to stay for a year. And I'll be staying in this same apartment, hopefully in this same room. So there.

The trip was uneventful, mostly because I slept the entire time. Special thanks to Jenard who is now buff from hauling my luggae from Shinjuku all the way to Inaginaganuma and up two flights of stairs because my room is in the third floor and there's no elevator.

I still lack sleep so I'll continue the yapping tomorrow when I'm no longer on the verge of collapsing.

They're here...

The new Macbooks are out. Giant hug for Nish (my now very much outdated Macbook) because I still love you more.

As intriguing as the new glass touchpad is, never was a big fan of the black and aluminum color scheme, and apparently never will be. It just doesn't go with the white accessories. What a letdown.


So I'm being schlepped to Japan yet again. Just for a week, this time. And in classic biatch fashion, I haven't packed yet. It's ten in the evening, and my flight is tomorrow morning. As my mom puts it, "gaga ka, mana ka talaga sakin!"

Anyway, I get back on Thursday. Text me if you want clear umbrellas or shu uemura or uniqlo hoodies or Royce chocolates. That doesn't mean I'll buy them for you, but you never know.


This is what we should have worn to the mudfest otherwise known as the Ateneo yes-we-are-not-used-to-championships-so-we-totally-have-not-though-this-through bonfire. I was wearing slippers and every step I took I had to cringe.

I think they make perfect sense. I live along a street that floods in under five minutes of rain and is infested with cockroaches and rats the size of puppies. I dare you to tread that murky green water in you prettiest pink stilettos without fear of contracting leptospirosis or fungal infection.

Now in case you haven't noticed, I am trying to justify another would-be purchase. They don't make sense at all they're just pink but I like anyways.
(Pic and would-be-purchase by Plueys Manila )

Just so I remember

I'm tired as hell but I'm blogging just so I remember. Today was one of those days. I woke up really really late, put on the wrong foundation shade so I had to remove everything and there's no more time and so I left the house in a mad dash with my hair all wet and my face devoid of make-up. And yes, of course, as it so happens I am breaking out.

Now let's flash back to two days ago.

Mr. B: So we need you to create a presentation about *confidential* for Friday. It's for the Japanese visitors.
Moi: That's kind of vague, what aspect of *confidential* should I discuss?
Mr. B: Well, we actually don't know. We'll have to ask *confidential*
-- couple of minutes later --
Mr. B: Well, as it turns out, they don't know either. So just go ahead and create some sort of presentation.

So you could just imagine the entire day Tuesday fretting and worrying and just wanting to hang myself.

Now let's fast forward.

Mr. B: We still have so much time left, would you want to present now?
Moi: But that's for tomorrow! I'm not yet ready!
Mr. B: So... Ella will now present *confidential*

And so there. My haggard, unprepared, half-crazed self (with borrowed glasses from Rocky because - you guessed it - I forgot to bring mine) sentenced to death by nosebleed.

Now let's fast forward to the clincher, courtesy of our nice nice Japanese manager, Mr. S. Who I'll be seeing very very very often soon.

Mr. S: Ella-san... you look pale. Are you OK?
Moi: Errrrm...
[subtitle: Yes, and I am about to bleed all over the carpet]

And there you have it. It was actually not so bad. ^^
This one is: BK talking to one of the top-ranked Japanese managers (Mr. G):

BK: So, Mr. G, how's the weather?
Mr. G: Well, it was a bit rainy.
Mr. G: What, you didn't know?

So I guess the weather is not a great conversation topic after all. And he does have a point. ^^


I just said I'd move away from the computer. But a couple of random things first.

1. Nish is fixed! Apparently, cracks in the Macbook are covered by the warranty. So I had the bf troop over to Powermac Center in Greenbelt three times - first, to have them look at it; second to have the keyboard replaced (they did not have stock the first time he went there); and the third time to have them fix the installation because there was a small gap. I am a spoiled spoiled brat. Oh, and just recently I discovered that Apple does not have a warranty card, I'm guessing the seller registers your unit and it's date of purchase to some database so no need.

2. GH = HG. As in Golden Harvest, my exact match in Pure Anada foundies. As in Holy Grail, the one brand that does it for you. I've had matches in other brands, but PA is my favorite so far because it goes on creamy and it lasts the whole day. So now I'm done sampling mineral makeup foundations and I will get my huge jar soon! The madness is over! Although I did order yet another batch of samples because Candice you are such an enabler! So the next stop is brushes. MAC187, you will be mine one day.
Plug: If you want to order PA, which so far, is the best MMU foundie for me, it's available locally here .

3. I luuuurve my iPhone. It's not so much a phone with iPod features as an iPod with phone features. In short, it sucks as a phone. If you want a good phone, there are better things out there. Such as Plum, the Razr2 v9. And it has a learning curve! And the keyboard auto-complete is such a know-it-all! I typed in K and then O because I wanted to type "ko" as in mine and not "ok" so just stop correcting me!!! So why do I still love my phone? Three things: Tap Tap Revenge, Space Monkey, and Cro Mag Rally. Now I'm no longer lemming for a Nintendo DS. And the first two games are free! The third one retails for 1.99 USD at the iTunes store but it's so worth it! It's not for on the go playing, though, because you risk looking like an idiot. In fact you would most closely resemble those people who veer their controllers to the right whenever Mario has to jump over a really really wide space (don't you miss the good ol' Nintendo FamiCom?).

So there. Just to shut me up. x.x

Me Likey

Believe it or not, it's been a while since I last went shopping (online shopping doesn't count). And apparently I've accumulated a couple of EQ points since then. Among other things, I stopped myself from buying an e.l.f. eye shadow quad, Charles & Keith open-toed shoes (but I still waaaaaant!), and really cute four-inch ALDO heels that will be the death of me.

But I did get shoes. And luggage. And skincare products. I said a couple of EQ points, okay. Not a hundred.

Not the ALDO shoes I originally had my eye on, but I love nonetheless. And they're quite comfy judging from the ten steps I took when trying them out. And I got a 5% discount because I had the Bench lifestyle card! And I thought that card was such an idiot purchase... My only beef with ALDO is they forgot to include shoe trees. How can you package pointy shoes without shoe trees? And for such an expensive brand, you would think they'd have paper bags. But no, I got a ginormous plastic bag that could probably house my youngest brother.

Anyway, I have a lot of things to get ready for, and in the interest of overcoming inertia I'll try to stay away from the computer (at home at least) and get things done. Have a lovely week. xoxo, gossip girl (which, can I just say, would have been soooo much better if Serena and Dan just died in that godforsaken elevator).

Explain to me

How Victoria Beckham managed to hoist herself upright and look ferosh at the same time wearing these:

As if walking in high heels wasn't difficult enough, she actually ditched the actual physical heel and left a virtual, imaginary, but equally functional heel in its place.

Of course it helps that she's probably not human to begin with, but damn that girl is fierce.

From Go Fug Yourself .