Bye for now, Japan. We'll see each other soon enough.

Congratulate me, I made it back to the Philippines without getting lost. In fact, I was in the airport so early, I spent four good hours staring into nothingness.

I'll be leaving in a couple of days, though, so I hope I can see people before I leave. I'll be staying in the same apartment with the crawl-in closet and I actually get to keep my key already.

I likey my keychain because I thought it was sweet and I'm shallow like that.

Since I had nothing to bring home but chocolates and stuff I volunteered to schlepp home for the other assignees, which is the least I can do, what with me having to be babysat during my entire trip due to my lack of sense of direction and inability to walk in a straight line - I swerve, and I can't explain why so don't ask.

Anyway, I'm off to work. You'd think they'd let me have the day off after a delayed evening flight the day before, but there is too much to be done. Just the thought of it is stressful. Thank God for Royce.

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  1. hindi holiday ang 31! pero for you, i will go out sa 30 kung yun lang talaga ang available night for your despidida.

    since wala ka naman na masyadong inuwi, pwede ka na magdala ng mas madaming stuff pagpunta mo ulit. :) dami maganda coats sa zara ngayon!