Just so I remember

I'm tired as hell but I'm blogging just so I remember. Today was one of those days. I woke up really really late, put on the wrong foundation shade so I had to remove everything and there's no more time and so I left the house in a mad dash with my hair all wet and my face devoid of make-up. And yes, of course, as it so happens I am breaking out.

Now let's flash back to two days ago.

Mr. B: So we need you to create a presentation about *confidential* for Friday. It's for the Japanese visitors.
Moi: That's kind of vague, what aspect of *confidential* should I discuss?
Mr. B: Well, we actually don't know. We'll have to ask *confidential*
-- couple of minutes later --
Mr. B: Well, as it turns out, they don't know either. So just go ahead and create some sort of presentation.

So you could just imagine the entire day Tuesday fretting and worrying and just wanting to hang myself.

Now let's fast forward.

Mr. B: We still have so much time left, would you want to present now?
Moi: But that's for tomorrow! I'm not yet ready!
Mr. B: So... Ella will now present *confidential*

And so there. My haggard, unprepared, half-crazed self (with borrowed glasses from Rocky because - you guessed it - I forgot to bring mine) sentenced to death by nosebleed.

Now let's fast forward to the clincher, courtesy of our nice nice Japanese manager, Mr. S. Who I'll be seeing very very very often soon.

Mr. S: Ella-san... you look pale. Are you OK?
Moi: Errrrm...
[subtitle: Yes, and I am about to bleed all over the carpet]

And there you have it. It was actually not so bad. ^^
This one is: BK talking to one of the top-ranked Japanese managers (Mr. G):

BK: So, Mr. G, how's the weather?
Mr. G: Well, it was a bit rainy.
Mr. G: What, you didn't know?

So I guess the weather is not a great conversation topic after all. And he does have a point. ^^

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