Me Likey

Believe it or not, it's been a while since I last went shopping (online shopping doesn't count). And apparently I've accumulated a couple of EQ points since then. Among other things, I stopped myself from buying an e.l.f. eye shadow quad, Charles & Keith open-toed shoes (but I still waaaaaant!), and really cute four-inch ALDO heels that will be the death of me.

But I did get shoes. And luggage. And skincare products. I said a couple of EQ points, okay. Not a hundred.

Not the ALDO shoes I originally had my eye on, but I love nonetheless. And they're quite comfy judging from the ten steps I took when trying them out. And I got a 5% discount because I had the Bench lifestyle card! And I thought that card was such an idiot purchase... My only beef with ALDO is they forgot to include shoe trees. How can you package pointy shoes without shoe trees? And for such an expensive brand, you would think they'd have paper bags. But no, I got a ginormous plastic bag that could probably house my youngest brother.

Anyway, I have a lot of things to get ready for, and in the interest of overcoming inertia I'll try to stay away from the computer (at home at least) and get things done. Have a lovely week. xoxo, gossip girl (which, can I just say, would have been soooo much better if Serena and Dan just died in that godforsaken elevator).


  1. goodluck with those heels..

    on splurge mode ka nmn d b, dapat nag cole haan air ka na

  2. 2 inches lang yan, so it's manageable. ^^

    juskulord cole haan 295 dollars kamusta naman ako nun? hahahahahaha