I just said I'd move away from the computer. But a couple of random things first.

1. Nish is fixed! Apparently, cracks in the Macbook are covered by the warranty. So I had the bf troop over to Powermac Center in Greenbelt three times - first, to have them look at it; second to have the keyboard replaced (they did not have stock the first time he went there); and the third time to have them fix the installation because there was a small gap. I am a spoiled spoiled brat. Oh, and just recently I discovered that Apple does not have a warranty card, I'm guessing the seller registers your unit and it's date of purchase to some database so no need.

2. GH = HG. As in Golden Harvest, my exact match in Pure Anada foundies. As in Holy Grail, the one brand that does it for you. I've had matches in other brands, but PA is my favorite so far because it goes on creamy and it lasts the whole day. So now I'm done sampling mineral makeup foundations and I will get my huge jar soon! The madness is over! Although I did order yet another batch of samples because Candice you are such an enabler! So the next stop is brushes. MAC187, you will be mine one day.
Plug: If you want to order PA, which so far, is the best MMU foundie for me, it's available locally here .

3. I luuuurve my iPhone. It's not so much a phone with iPod features as an iPod with phone features. In short, it sucks as a phone. If you want a good phone, there are better things out there. Such as Plum, the Razr2 v9. And it has a learning curve! And the keyboard auto-complete is such a know-it-all! I typed in K and then O because I wanted to type "ko" as in mine and not "ok" so just stop correcting me!!! So why do I still love my phone? Three things: Tap Tap Revenge, Space Monkey, and Cro Mag Rally. Now I'm no longer lemming for a Nintendo DS. And the first two games are free! The third one retails for 1.99 USD at the iTunes store but it's so worth it! It's not for on the go playing, though, because you risk looking like an idiot. In fact you would most closely resemble those people who veer their controllers to the right whenever Mario has to jump over a really really wide space (don't you miss the good ol' Nintendo FamiCom?).

So there. Just to shut me up. x.x

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