Yo shorty

Lookie what the BF got me for my birthday:

MAC Brushes!!! Apparently, posts like this one do work (although Rodmaykel insists he was planning to get me them brushes anyway because, well, I talk about them nonstop). Granted, they're not the exact kit I was lemming for but just the thought of the BF visiting the MAC counter and inquiring about brushes he knows nothing about more than makes up for it. ^^

Anyway, Wednesday night I had an impromptu dinner with the girls. Thanks to everyone who attended and to those who didn't make it, I'm sorry I didn't get to see you before I leave but, hey, you can always visit me in Japan.

That night I had on LaurEss ethereal in soft yellow. It's quite camera-friendly don't you think? No whitecast at all.

Today Rodmaykel and I went to TriNoMa for some last minute shopping before I go. We had lunch in Bubba Gump and I was so hungry I failed to take pictures.

So here's the damage:

Pics of what's inside to follow because I'm going home for the weekend (and yes, those are two ALDO bags; I don't understand why, either). Happy Halloween, everyone. And my deepest thanks to everyone who remembered. Because, you know, I was never really good at remembering birthdays, so I don't expect other people to remember mine, either.


  1. mommy, don't forget. kailangan natin magkita on Monday. or get rodmaykel to get the dvds from me. :)

  2. bye tol! m glad you had a great bday! hehehe! :) kelan ka alis? i doubt magkita tayo before you leave, if you want you can visit me sa hospital! hahaha! kadiri! :) have fun in japan!!! keep me posted! i'mma miss you!!!

  3. happy birthday mommy! and have a safe trip tom! mwah!

  4. olats, late comment. but the brush set is marvelous! what set did you want ba? let's trade! that's not available na here now. all they have is the RED christmas set. ewww.