Just so I remember

So today I went up all the way to our 9th floor office using the stairwell. In heels. Yes, I - the girl whose sport was Boggle in grade school, procrastinating in high school and college, and shopping in the years thereafter - was able to go up eighteen flights of stairs nonstop without fainting. Of course now my feet are maybe wanting to detach themselves from the rest of my body, but who cares, really?

And for dinner I had free ramen courtesy of my boss. He now tells me any e-mail sent by me gets automatically filtered to trash, so I'd say we're getting along pretty well.

It's one of them good days.


  1. why did u walk? for health reasons?

  2. fire drill. pero we can use the elevator, but everyone else wanted to take the stairs. you know i'm a pushover. hehehe.