Me Likey

This by far is my most favorite thing in the world.

Can you guess what it is? When they first gave it to me I thought it was lipstick (but we were in the bank applying for a savings account so that's a bit unlikely).

I know, I know it looks like "HIV" but it's a stamp with my name in Japanese. Apparently we do a lot of signing and we have to do it in Japanese so they had these made for us. And I get to keep it! Laveeeet!

Now if you'll excuse me, I will now start stamping everything I own.


  1. cool! :)

    nasan na napamili mo?

  2. hahahahaha! HIV pala name mo in japanese?! wooow!
    pagawan mo din ako ng ganyan tol, sobrang dami ko din pinpirmahan! pwede na ba yan sa mga reseta ko? hahaha! :D