Today I decided to skip the going all over Tokyo part and just stay at home and nest. After all, I'm no longer a business tripper; I'll be here for a tad bit longer. The sights and sounds that Japan has to offer would have to wait; right now it's me and my apartment.

So this morning (would you believe I woke up at 8:30 in 20-degree weather? It's so unlike me), I did my laundry, tidied things up, and vacuumed the carpet. Yes, vacuumed. I have a spanking new vacuum cleaner (that came with the apartment), and it's quite scary because it makes so much noise when you turn it on. By the time I'm done it's 3 in the afternoon. I made a quick trip to the hundred yen shop (for the nth time already, I know) and bought a couple more stuff.

I bought, among other things, tons of hangers, chopsticks, and a towel rack. And a dozen toilet paper rolls (which "colors your life"). They were on sale in this drugstore so I went ahead and hoarded. And can I just say, drugstores in Japan carry the full range of Shiseido Maquillage and Avene. I'm consciously trying not to drop by every chance I get (which is, well, everyday because drugstores are everywhere).

Anyway, I also dropped by the nearby grocery store.

I evidently did not think this through, because I carried 2 kg of rice and two giant bottles of liquid all the way home, and well, I just wasn't built for upper body strength. So I bought rice so I have something to eat at home, and water (Jenard! I finally finished the 2L bottle you gave me a month ago) and iced tea and what is probably a lifetime's supply of salt. I also sneaked in a couple of slices of bacon and a pack of frozen shrimps and garlic and a lemon. Why the lemon? I have a jar of crab fat and I'm making crab rice and the recipe calls for kalamansi juice. I'm substituting because where the hell am I going to get kalamansi in Tokyo?

I've been getting quite addicted to bacon lately because it's sorta relatively cheap. For the past week this has been my breakfast/dinner:

It doesn't look so yummy but I swear it's soooo good. Smells heavenly, too. So that's bacon and re-fried soft-boiled eggs. The latter came about because I mistakenly bought soft-boiled eggs instead of raw eggs. But I still went ahead and fried them and they're actually not bad. Just bland because I forgot to buy salt (I just bought today, remember?).

Oh, and by the way...

Care to guess what's in the (pretty huge) box?

Hay, finally. You didn't seriously think I wouldn't get some shopping done, did you?


  1. like the boots. pero can you post a more close up pic?

  2. @chelo: thanks. me loves them too. and they're so comfy!!!

    @dots: i would if i could but no time hehehehe this was a hurried pic before i went to sleep

  3. ndi rin blurry ang pic ng boots.. at nagulat ako na ndi pamatay ang heels?

  4. maymay, it's a 20-minute walk to the office. i don't want to kill my feet. they hate me already as it is. x.x