As with all new job assignments, I had to go through the whole introduce-yourself-and-share-something-interesting-about-yourself shebang. Only now it's in Japanese. Of which I know zilch. But I made it unscathed (I think) and it was fairly okay. So this was how it went:

Ohayou gozaimasu (Good morning). *bow*

Hajimemashite (ermm... glad to meet you or something to that effect). *bow*
Watashi-wa ella des (I am drop-dead gorgeous).
Project-wa ******* project des (My project, *******, is a total failure).
Shopping-ga suki des (I am really broke, please consider donating).
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu ("Sige po" as my boss puts it). *bow*

And that's how it's done. Thank you Lord, it's finally over.


  1. i am sooo v jealous!!!! i wanna live in japan, too!! how long are you there for?

  2. a year. ^^
    you can come visit me! ^^

  3. akala ko watashi-wa ella des translates to my name is ella/ i'm ella.