Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu

Surprise! I get to blog again! I left the office at 830, which in Japan standards is pretty darned early. It actually feels like I've been here for years, what with all the work I've had to do. But I'm not complaining; it keeps me from missing home. And, well, now my OT pay is worth all the trouble and lack of sleep.

Anyway, so I blew all my bucks on a six-month unlimited train ride to and from the office plus a couple of things to make my room just a tad bit more me. And yes, maybe a couple of other stuff for me.

My six-month train pass. I would hang myself if I lose this. It's worth around 25 Pepper Lunch meals with enough change for dessert.

Stuff from the 100 yen shop. They sell everything. From socks to hangers to chocolates.

Pretty fuzzy pink slippers from Uniqlo. This cost about as much as everything else in the picture up there but it's so worth it.

A couple of pens from Muji, which is where I will be getting my home stuff when I am no longer dead broke. I love Muji so much I can live there and just look at how pretty everything is. But I'm on a tight tight budget so here's a billion more stuff from the 100-yen shop.

I found a nice brush holder for the MAC brushes with enough room for everything else. Pretty, don't you think?

And since I'm on a roll I might as well post the birthday gifts to self.

Schlepping bag from ALDO. Which now gets crushed every single day in the train (which by the way I loathe but it does get me to work on time so I guess I can live with it).

A Kenneth Cole frame-hinge wallet. It's my new Plum . And it fits the 10000-yen bills (that are slowly but surely running out).

Now I'll probably lock my broke self in my room the entire weekend, so I'll save the other stuff for later.


  1. nice stuff! don't shop 'til you drop. heheh alam mo naman online ako parati so just im me or something. :)

    oh yeah, send me your address. :)

  2. yey nakapagblog ka rin! :)

    yung 100 yen store ba ay P88 japan store? ang laki ng tubo!? hehe.

  3. @doti: yes, i see you online every night. pero usually kasi i get home really late na so i fall asleep na agad.

    @chelo: yep, yung P88 na store. kaya wag ka bibili dun hahahaha.